No fue negación, fue esperanza.

When suddenly, at midnight, you hear an invisible procession going by with exquisite music, voices,
Don’t mourn your luck that’s failing now,  work gone wrong,
Your plans all proving deceptive – Don’t mourn them uselessly.
As one long prepared, and graced with courage, say goodbye to her, the Alexandria that is leaving.
Above all, don’t fool yourself, don’t say it was a dream, your ears deceived you: don’t degrade yourself with empty hopes like these.
As one long prepared, and graced with courage, as is right for you who proved worthy of this kind of city, go firmly to the window and listen with deep emotion, but not with the whining, the pleas of a coward; listen – your final delectation – to the voices, to the exquisite music of that strange procession, and say goodbye to her, to the Alexandria you are losing.


To  J. G. C.

Que el tiempo te mantenga perenne en mi memoria,
que no me vaya sin recordar por ultima vez tu sonrisa,
Que nunca falte un cigarrillo en este cenicero,
Ni un verso para ti, entre mis labios.
A ti, que la vida te llevo antes,
A ti, que te sueño cada noche…
A ti, que te revivo a cada instante…
Mi amigo, mi amor, mi consejero, mi mano derecha, mi consuelo.



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