I am not your destiny.

It’s not my game.
You and her, it’s not my game.
Her heart it’s not from my interest,
I don’t even know her name.

Yes, I know you’ve been playing with her,
I mean, she might be pleased you did,
but it’s not my game.

Do you wanna win?
Go ahead, break her illusions of you being a good man.
I don’t care.
I feel sorry for her, instead,
Since imma girl and I feel too,
What can I say?

It’s funny how you believe the world is under your feet,
But honey, really? how dare you believe such a thing?
But as I already said, It’s not my game.
Ain’t looking for a second chance.

Whether you want it or not,
You have to let me go.
You gotta stop thinkin’ of us,
honey, there’s no way I’m repeating that shit.

Stay true to her, pretend at least to be in love with her.
Play that role you know really well.
Stop seeking for me, I’m no here for you, no, any more.
Let me go.
There is no anchor moored to my feet
I’m taking that path, honey, just see me.


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