Buddha on Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Right & Wrong

Queens and Bees

I’ve been studying the thoughts of Buddhist teachers recently. It started like it usually does; I find one thing and then that leads to another and so on and so on. I think this particular find started with the Buddhist concept of “rapture.”

And so I read about rapture and then that leads to jhana and then that leads to right concentration and finally I ended up at the Access to Insight website. [link]

Access to Insight is a popular Theravada Buddhist website. Thervada is the oldest surviving school of Buddhism still in practice around the world.

I guess one could say the Theravada are like the professors (or clergy if you like) in Buddhism. The Access website was created for and is dedicated to, “providing accurate, reliable, and useful information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism, as it has been handed down to us through both the…

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